PNW Sunset

PNW Sunset

Days are finally getting longer… I love it especially when the sun is shining… Even if the air is still freezing my bones… The warmth of the sun… when it showers upon me… reminds me… that… summer isn’t too far away anymore…

Let’s play hide and seek!
You hide… I’ll find you! 💙

p.s. I try not to post the same photos here and on my Instagram account… but there will certainly be exceptions… this is one of them.

Hope all is well guys… Happy weekend! =)

Cannon Beach – Sunny!

Cannon Beach

I remember the last time I was here at this beach, I was still a fresh year college student (time flies!!)… and I did not remember it was this pretty… perhaps there was no sunshine that day!

I love so many things in life… sunshine is among the few on the top of my 10-mile long list… It just brights and warms everything… and can always put a big smile on people’s face… mine too! =D

Ciao ciao 2015… Hello 2016! =)

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

Father has always loved black coffee.

I was still a kid, when I first tasted black coffee… that was when one of father’s college friends visited us after his trip from South America, and brought father some Cuban cigars and deliciously roasted coffee beans. My first taste, it felt just like the awful Chinese medicine (yikes!)… they laughed at the silly face I made after my sip…

I have only been drinking black coffee for the past five to six years… it is now my absolute preference in coffee.

Like father, like daughter.

Bavarian Alps

Bavarian Alps

It was International Mountain Day (December 11th) yesterday; a day that I was not aware of until yesterday when I was browsing my Instagram feed.

This day was claimed by the UN in 2002 aiming to increase awareness of and knowledge around the role of mountains and mountainous regions amongst the general population and professionals.

I do not really remember when exactly I started to fall madly in love with the nature, the mountains, the wilderness. Perhaps it was the Redwood experience that changed me… though it did not seem to be at the time… but now I feel it could very much be it!

This was taken while I was hiking in Germany this past summer. A family decided to walk by that little snow field (the white ground you can see on this picture). The kids’ enthusiasm was sure infectious… coz I found myself giggling while snapping this shot! =D